A world­class performing artist hailing from Canada, Simon (aka Kinotropy) has been making big screens explode with fun and possibility for more than 10 years. Simon creates a unique brand of sound­ reactive video collage, designed to truly compliment the music felt and heard on the dance floor. With a strong belief in freeing imagery from the confines of traditional media, he aims to inspire unique journeys inside the minds eye of the viewing audience.

VJ Kinotropy has a musical soul with a love for all kinds of music. The true blessing of being a top­notch supporting performer comes in experiencing music performed by anyone and everyone. He’s worked with a wide variety of musicians; from acclaimed cellists to the latest hot pop groups, eclectic­-indie-­worldbeat musicians, and many of the world’s favorite top DJs.

VJ Kinotropy made his bones in Vancouver, starting out in cafes, progressing to the clubs, and then moving onto international venues around the world. A fixture at legendary parties like Burning Man & Shambhala, lately he has been summoned to perform at New York’s Electric Zoo, southern California’s Nocturnal Wonderland, Digital Dreams in Toronto and Chicago’s Wavefest. He is also an official Tour VJ with Life In Color, one of the largest and most successful touring EDM events.

In his formative years VJ Kinotropy was coding visual effects and making video mix­tapes as his tools for live performance. The shifting landscape has brought digital processing, higher & higher­ definition, giant projectors and LED video walls. Today his sets use laboriously sourced video clips and a myriad of the latest video technology to deliver the finest of ocular experiences to the audience.


+ hundreds of live performances
+ thousands of hours of LIVE video mixing
= countless minds blown

I then explained to him, as nearly as possible in layman's term, how the nature of the human eye necessitates, in kinotropy, both remarkable speed and remarkable complexity. ~ Gibson/Stirling, The Difference Engine