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Wavefront Music Festival - 2013
Montrose Beach, Chicago, July 4th weekend.

Wow, I had a great start to festival season! Such a privilege to be in Chicago for Wavefront Music Festival at Montrose beach for July 4th weekend! I was there representing Infinight Productions performing visuals for Cedric Gervais and afterwards was asked to run the visuals for the Main stage all weekend. I had fantastic sets performing with heavy hitters like Rusko, Sharam and hometown hero Bad Boy Bill. I really-really enjoyed blowing-up the screen for Proxy and Jacques Lu Cont; super inspiring sets!

One of the great things about playing the big shows like this and being camped on one stage, is that you´re going to have some visuals provided to you from some of the artists. Now sometimes those visuals suck, or you get specific instructions not to mix them with other content; but most of the time artists and tour managers understand that my job is to make those screens really pop and help amp-up the dancefloor in-time with the flow of the set.

I had visuals from a bunch of the artists, but by far had the most fun playing the visuals provided by PROXY which consisted of mostly of animated hammers & sickles and tanks rendered in high-contrast with some lofi grainy steez as well. The humour of a Canadian VJ playing hammers & sickles in the U.S. on July Fourth weekend did not escape me! I´d sure love to perform with Proxy again sometime.

“The Wave” mainstage was produced by Advanced Concert Productions; with hundreds of lights and a 30 x 40 foot LED screen, it was a spectacle to behold both day and night, expertly consoled by Collyns Stenzel.

This is the recap video I put together from my own collected footage. But I've also compiled some audience angles found on youtube:

Digital Dreams Festival 2013
I was super thrilled to get called in by Future Visual to perform visuals for Dash Berlin at Electronic Nations Digital Dreams event on Canada Day weekend in Toronto. Heres a little video that I took from front of house at the end of Dashs set. Amazing crowd, sure loved Dash a lot!

Also... I threw together a quick playlist of some audience videos from the show here on my youtube channel...
Kinotropy Demo 2013
It was really fun to put together this demo reel, recapping a bunch of shows from the last four or five months. Featuring: Ed Rush & Optical, Mat the Alien, David Starfire, Govinda, Ronin & Mukluk. Camera by Machio Lall. As always, huge thanks to the clubs, promoters and performers I've been so honored to work with. Much gratitude!

Wood'n'Soo - Funk for Trees - Feb 28 2013
FUNK FOR TREES was a fundraiser party for Ramshackle Pictures' new documentary about the coastal forestry movement called "Heartwood: Forest Guardians of Cortes Island" (directed and produced by Daniel J. Pierce). indiegogo.com/heartwood/x/1856867

Ed Rush & Optical - Red Room Ultra Bar - December 12th 2013 - Vancouver, Canada
Mat the Alien - Shambhala 2012 - Rock Pit
Mat the Alien - Shambhala 2012 - Rock Pit, Visual Production + VJing by Kinotropy.

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-W.Gibson\B.Sterling [The Difference Engine, 1991]
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